Introducing People Story

Path 1 is proud to introduce a new initiative called People Story. The purpose of People Story is to move away from thinking about church planting as a numbers-and-stats game and instead refocus our attention on the vibrant new ministries of faith being started and the individuals and communities being transformed by those new ministries. It’s a celebration of disciple-making at the grassroots level. Hearing the stories from the field will give readers a better understanding of what church planting is like and help planters and new ministry leaders learn from one another and connect remotely. It will also allow United Methodists everywhere to share in the celebration of new lives brought to Christ through the work of our new churches and faith communities.

Every month you can expect new stories coming from all around the country appearing on our blog page, our social media, and our newsletter to celebrate what’s happening on the ground level of the church planting movement. Look for a new People Story in our newsletter on the top right column every month. This month we’re highlighting the ministry of a multisite church network in Huntertown, IN.

You can help support People Story. If you or someone you know is involved in a new church ministry send us your story. Even if you’re not involved in a new church or faith community, you can still help us out by getting the word out at church, online, etc. about this new initiative. To submit your People Story today just email